فہرست الطاہر
شمارہ 49، محرم 1429ھ بمطابق فروری 2008ع

Healthy Soul (Sound Mind)

Speech given by Khwaja Muhammad Tahir Abbasi Bakhshi Naqshbandi

(Translation by Ghulam Murtaza Abbasi)\


We praise Him and send blessings on His prophet The Holy Quran 19-5,88-89)

Respected listeners! We have gathered here to fertilize our mind which has become barren. We call up the friends to encourage then so that we are rewarded with fervour of Allah the Almighty and our minds fertilized.

Urdu poem: When heart was rose garden, the spring was dripping from every thing; then heart became desert and the world was barren.

Today, due to material world our whole heart is injured and torn into pieces.

Friends! you can see this canopy and the arrangements which is done by the efforts of many people; so the world has been populated in great times. Then the heart of faithful to which Allah the Almighty calls, 'His house' is to be kept cleaned and decorated as you keep your home up to date. Why do we not struggle to cleanse the house of Allah and on the contrary we make it more barren.

We have gathered here only for remembrance of Allah the Almighty and for His approval and His pleasure My master and my superior peace be upon him appreciated this task that I must sit with those who love Allah and He loves them, and remember Allah in their company every morning and every evening. (The holy Quran 15: 4:28). Refrain thy self along with those who cry unto their Lord at morning and evening seeking His countenance; and let not their eyes over look them.

Our holy Saints say that all remembrance is good but remembrance by mind is above all which is matchless and we have gathered to have this one.
The holy Quran: And obey not him whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance, who follows his own lust.

We have to see that one who remembers Allah the Almighty and is mindful; otherwise we are not supposed to have his company because of his negligence.

Master Jalaluddin of Rome says: Many devils appear in the shape of human beings, yet they are tools of devil because of the darkness of their innermost.

The holy Quran: You will see that they have taken their wishes as gods.

They did not remember Allah, they only kept for head on earth in prayers but their hearts did not prostrate. Then, do not follow them. People talk of rights of masses. Allah the Almighty has created every thing on earth for human beings. The holy Quran: He it is Who created for you all that is in earth. Now you are supposed to be duty bound to things from which you benefit. Do not loose your senses seeing your heavy riches. It matters little if afoot of poor man is kept unknowingly on a long cloak of a ruler. People study books enormously and become itself a book but no humanity. They have lost all lust of God fearing. They study but do not digest it. They have no love for Lord. But we have gathered here to reconnect the relation ship with Almighty. We do not need any proof and the Master of us is sufficient.

Seraiki Poem: Oh teacher! Alif (Allah) alone is sufficient for us and He has snatched heart, oh you teacher!

We have to take notice of rights of human beings, animal and even small creation. We crush the rights of our parents but our holy prophet for bade his companions not to light fire near holes of ants in order to cook food. He also advised a companion to return off springs of a little bird in its nest who was feeling nervous for them.

You have seen the love of a hen for its chicks that how it looks after them and keeps under its wings; I always feel stirred seeing this! Once we were sitting in Muttaf near Rukn e Yamani. It was holy month of Ramazan. The sun was setting and the shadow of holy kaaba came over us and I expressed that it was the blessings of Almighty. It stirred my heart and I felt much happiness. No doubt Allah had best owned us as a hen covers its chicks.

The Persian poet: How Almighty can spare the friends when He bestows even the enemy. I feel in the same mode as Bakhtiar Kaki exclaimed: Neither with Muslims I feel fit nor among untruthful. Things like water, sun, stone, earth, and the like are for our benefits. They are very costly but bestowed free of cost. But we do not feel thankful for all this!

Once, Shah of Bhit was going for pilgrimage. On the way, he saw thirsty goats running towards a pond and after drinking they began to make water in the pond. Shah Sahib felt sorry to see this. Sindhi proverbs is what pulses and what to name Allah the Almighty. Urdu proverb is in ords to eat sweet one must have such a face!

Shah Sahib is quoted to address his beloved that he may not find him even struggling for the whole life. Because meeting the friend may shallow thirst for him.

Longing for the beloved is must! One may reach to him or not but one must be longing. The holy Quran: On the day, goods and children will not benefit but one who brought to Allah the sound mind.

In rural areas, people have many children but they are neither educated not looked after well. Who are European to teach us way of life? It was our master with black cover on the shoulders who taught the manners, the code of life. Water satisfies thirst, helps to fertilize land, clean body and clothes but we do not pay attention to fundamentals of Islam. Fresh air is essential for health and cleans surroundings but we are not attentive. Allah the Almighty advises; That which you spend for good must go to parents and nearby kindred and orphans and needy and way farer. But you spend to be famous! Your money must go to needy persons and not to flatterers for whom the holy prophet said dust in their faces.
Remember that struggle in life must be to please the Almighty. To know all this we must go to those whom we call friends of Allah. They teach ways to be true slave of Allah. We must act according to their instructions firmly. Firmness in Islam is more valuable than miracle. We must decorate our selves to please Almighty by firmness in deeds.

A man blamed Majnoon that by loving Laila he had become absurd. Majnoon was absorbed in love that hearing her name fainted. We are slaves of Allah the Almighty and hear name but never stirred.

Majnioon when awakened replied that you ask about being lover of Laila but once you take her name with love and then you will know it. The holy prophet: No doubt Allah fertilizes dead land with rain water. In the way, when Allah is kind, sends his blessings and our hearts become living. Seek blessings of Allah at Shrine of Hazrat Sohna Sain, make prosperous your barren hearts. Oh! Allah the Almighty for the sake of holy wishes of our prophet and his family be kind to us; and for the companions you keep them loving and for their sake rain falls and crops grow!

We are sure and not hopless but our () will be forgiven if blessed!

A poet says: I am ashamed of my lowness but think of you nobility that you bestow even on enemies!
I am in deed of your one look and it will bring to the right path, my life. A drop of kindness will decorate my life. To day we are waiting your bounties, your kindness and your attraction. Qran: (No Doubt) Allah chooses for Himself whom He will and guide unto Him self. You may choose even worthless, you are highest authority. The sound mind may be understood when you think for what the heart has been created? What is use of legs and hands? Every thing be used for the purpose. Once a jew was riding an ox. It asked for what was it created! So we must be knowing the use of limbs. More our we thank Almighty and bounties are exceeded! The heart is for Almighty and it is place of His residence. Heart of faithful is throne of beneficent and for this we advocate Ziakr Qualabi (remembrance by heart) and this is the best stipend.

May Allah the Almighty bestow us with wisdom and strength of action!