Help for Viewing Urdu Text


This website requires Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or Internet Explorer 7.0, with screen resolution set to minimum 1024x768 for best view



This website contains embedded fonts which are automatically downloaded when opening the website. However this is not the default behaviour in Internet Explorer, for which you need to set the Protected Mode off. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to Tools Menu. If it is not visible, press the Alt key once to show it.
2. Click Internet Options at the bottom of the menu.
3. Click the Security tab on the top of the box that opens.
4. If the "Enable Protected Mode" is checked, click it to turn it off.
5. Close the Internet Explorer and start it again.

You can also install the "Nafees Web Naskh Pakistani" urdu font developed by CRULP Lahore. It can be freely downloaded from its website

The best experience to view Urdu/Arabic fonts is by using the Font smoothing in Microsoft Windows. But do not use ClearType for viewing Urdu websites, only use the normal Smooth function.


Enable Javascript to properly view this site, as Javascript Includes are heavily used.


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